Reunion 2016 – Open Forum

At the conclusion of the reports from the Lourdes Councillors, the meeting was opened up to questions and comments.  The following is a summary.

Half-days, changing dates, and availability of Titulaires in Piscines

Commenting of the report from Deirdre (Councillor, Service St Jean Baptiste) and the fluctuations in the number of Titulaires available at different times, leading at times of surplus to being able to allow people free sometimes, one member mentioned that she was the beneficiary of the half days and it was great!  Another member said that she had changed from September to June this year and it went very well for her.

Accommodation issues

A member spoke about the fact that people from other services are now being accommodated in Homes Notre Dame and St. Gabriel.   There were a number of complaints about the fact that some of these people were very noisy and did not respect the silence of the house with conversations going on late in to the night.

Formation / Service St Bernadette

A member reported that there will be some changes to Formation  in 2017 as there is an increase in people who don’t practice but would like to give service.  The Formation team has identified that there is a need to allow for this and not overwhelm them with theology.

Accommodation  & Late Arrival

A member told the meeting that she had arrived late to Lourdes due to a delayed flight.  As she was not able to collect her key, she turned to the hotels for accommodation and reported to the meeting that she found the hotel prices to be very competitive.

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