About the Irish Hospitalité

The Irish Society of our Lady of Lourdes was founded in Dublin in 1930 as, “a pious and charitable Association established for the purpose of promoting the glory of Our Lady of Lourdes.”

On 20th May 1932, it was affiliated to the Hospitalité Notre-Dame de Lourdes, the Mother-Confraternity of those of a similar nature established in many countries and dioceses throughout the world.

From small beginnings the Hospitalité grew into a national organisation, the membership comprising volunteer men and women from all dioceses.

At the Irish Society’s general meeting of 24th June 1951, the name ‘Irish Society’ was altered to Irish Hospitalité of our Lady of Lourdes.

All Members of the Irish Hospitalité share in the indulgences and spiritual favours granted to the Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes.